Episode 6:
Dubrovnik, Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik is called the Pearl of the Adriatic. This beautiful place is revered for its design; the walls surrounding it have successfully defended the city since the 13th century. In order to plan and build this unique city, the leaders of Dubrovnik had to think “outside the box.” Come with us as we take a look at the thought processes necessary to lead a team to build something as monumental as this treasure.

To build something extraordinary, often a leader will have to break outside of their set thought patterns. As a leader, how you think and what you think directly affects your business and employees. What are your thought patterns? Are they serving you? An interesting statistic: 90% of people’s thoughts today are the same thoughts as yesterday. We will teach you how your brain functions when it comes to thoughts. Learn the basic nuts and bolts of the formation of thought patterns, then identify your own.

Negative thought patterns can threaten the productivity of your leadership. Delve into the theory behind “learned helplessness” and how to identify the three “P’s” of negative thinking: Personal, Pervasive and Permanent. Just as the city of Dubrovnik is served by the wall that surrounds it, by gaining knowledge of your ingrained thought patterns, you can fortify the success of your business through positive thinking.

Once you know about how thought patterns work and have identified your own, let’s get to implementing patterns that better serve you. Follow actionable steps to change negative thinking. Watch the episode to learn the number one factor necessary for thinking like a top-notch leader. Change your thinking, change your experience, change your business.

Sample Curriculum Tasks:

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