Episode 4:
The Leaders Attention
Deer Valley, Utah, USA

When Search and Rescue is called in on a snowy mountain, it’s generally not a good thing.  Either someone is missing, someone is seriously injured, or worse.  What goes through the minds of the Search and Rescue teams in this life-and-death situation?

Time is critical, but so is clarity of thought. The Search and Rescue department’s deliberate, well-constructed response will make the difference in times of peril.

As a leader, what you focus on will be where you energy is channeled and ultimately what will move the needle.  Are you focused on the right things?  Are you blocking out or saying no to things that will distract you or stand in your way?   

Keeping focus is a constant leadership requirement, both for you, your team, and your company.

Your ability to:

1 Define and pay attention to what is the most important,

2 Shut out what will inevitably be a distraction and,

3 Constantly, consciously keep these elements in front of you, will be the ultimate determiner of success.

Without these three abilities you, your team and you company drifts, is easily distracted, loses speed and focus and eventually fails to move forward.    

Sample Curriculum Tasks:

Do you want to be a leader that creates a clear path forward for your team?

Or do you want to create confusion and stay stagnant?

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