Episode 3:
Autobahn, Germany

Trust, in its many forms, is a crucial component of effective leadership. We put this to the test on the Autobahn, the German highway without speed limits.

Join us as we explore what elements need to be in place in order for you to trust those you work with and have them feel confident placing their trust in you.

Trust fuels investment.

It’s been said when trust goes up, efficiency goes up and costs go down. As a leader, who doesn’t want that?  The more you are trusted, the more investment you will get from the people you lead, from your customers, and from your stakeholders.

Trust drives everything. When you are aware of the elements that drive trust and those that diminish it, you are on the path to fueling a thriving business. Join us as we break trust into five key elements and show how to use them to increase the levels of trust on your team.

Sample Curriculum Tasks:

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