Episode 1:
What is Leadership?
Panama City, Panama

The building of the Panama Canal had many failures and successes, but a simple formula led it to it’s completion.

What does this mean for your leadership? Let’s take a look at one of those critical elements.

Leadership ultimately involves moving people, a project or a product from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ While it is a linear process, there are certain factors that cannot be skipped or eliminated.

There are many pieces to this but only a few critical elements that actually bring a vision to fruition:

1. Having a strong vision

2. Engaging the right talent

3. Executing a strong strategy

4. Ongoing measurement and accountability

5. Adapting these elements based on what you find.

All leaders have strengths and weaknesses which make them susceptible to implementing some of those critical elements and omitting others unknowingly. While a leader cannot do it all, they must be aware of what the ‘all’ is and ensure it’s moving forward.

Without being aware of and either directly or indirectly leading each of these components, a leaders vision will never become a reality.

Preview a few sample tasks from the episode:

Sample Curriculum Tasks:

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